My software

LibMgr20.Exe Library Management Software | Description W32 Shareware
Lm201Upd.Exe Library Manager Update, fixes scaling problems W32 Update

My favorite software

ScramDsk.Zip Virtual encrypted drive mounter, strong encryption W9? Freeware!
VC401SW.Zip Volkov Commander (the best file manager for DOS) DOS Shareware
Rar204.Exe The tightest data compressor, nice interface DOS Shareware
Idea3.Zip The smallest encryptor, 608 bytes DOS Freeware!
MP3ToWAVE.Zip Converts MP3 audio files to wave audio files W32 Freeware!
PCOff20.Zip Shuts down your computer at time specified W32 Freeware!


Note: W32 stands for any 32-bit Windows platform, i. e. Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or later, however W9? applications are only for Windows 95/ 98 & should be compatible with Windows 2000